Lymphatic Clearing

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Improve appearance of skin

Reduce Inflammation

Decrease swelling and shorten healing time

Reduce pain associated with inflammation, swelling and injuries

Clear histamines and inflammatory response to seasonal allergies

Improve joint range of motion

Increase relaxation

Decrease stress

Gentle detoxification

Pre-surgery and post-surgery support

Decrease symptoms associated with anxiety and depression

Reduce vertigo, tinnitus and improve hearing loss

Supportive treatment for rheumatology related conditions

Improve digestion, reduce constipation and symptoms of chronic gastrointestinal conditions

Reduce headaches, migraines, concussive symptoms and other neurological symptoms related to spinal injury and disease

Post-surgical Support

Aides in reduction of swelling, inflammation and lymphatic congestion following surgery

May help with pain and edema encountered aftersurgery

Helps improve range of motion and functional movement

Assists in maximizing benefits of surgery when combined with other modalities recommended by your medical team

May often reduce recovery time

*Consultation and scheduling by phone or email is recommended 2 months prior to date of surgery*


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