Baby Bodywork

Incorporated Modalities

  • Infant Craniosacral

  • Fascial Unwinding

  • Baby Massage

  • Certified Intraoral Massage

What Can I expect during my session?

  • Babies are unpredictable, so no two sessions are ever the same

  • Bodywork can be done while baby is calm & awake, sleeping or feeding

  • Babies often fall asleep due to an induced relaxation response

  • Bowel movements are very common during and after a session

  • Expect baby to eat more and sleep more for up to 72 hours after a session

  • We often work with tummy time

  • If improved latching is a goal, or baby has had a frenectomy, work while feeding and intraoral massage are recommended

  • Babies love bodywork just like adults do

Why do babies need bodywork?

  • Unwind restrictive fascial patterns developed in utero and during childbirth

  • Lactation support: improves latching, decreases feeding difficulties and promotes suckling

  • Releases midline restriction, fostering increased tongue movement

  • It can help increase tongue movement for babies with tongue ties without need for surgical intervention

  • Increases tongue, jaw and head movement support for post-frenectomy surgical intervention

  • Improves uneven palate and TMJ alignment

  • Relaxes muscle tension in head, neck and shoulders, allowing easier, more comfortable feeding and movement

  • Releases muscle tension related to torticollis

  • Decreases reflux and spit-up

  • Promotes healthy bowel movements, reduces constipation and gas

  • Decreases colic symptoms

  • Balances range of motion between right and left sides of body

  • Promotes overall body and muscle relaxation

  • Promotes muscle tonicity and development

  • Provides support during baby's growth milestones

Locations in Kirkland and Monroe, WA

Outcalls are available for infants

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